Tome Živanovića 151, 35250 Paraćin, Srbija
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About us

Our first steps

    was a small family workshop in Paraćin, a small town in the heart of Serbia. In 2001. the small family workshop grew into  a biscuit factory – recognized for its quality and excellent taste.  


151 Tome Živanovića,

35250 Paraćin,



        “Joca” has a great range of products that have gained favor with consumers all over Serbia being recognized by its quality, attractive packaging and excellent taste. A good combination of quality characteristics has brought great results.

        Year after year the number of workers has increased, and the daily production currently exceeds 1000 kg. All our products are the work of our experts, so “Joca’s cookies” have reached perfection.

        The positive qualities we have opened the door to success year after year, and contributed to our cooperation with the best. The successful companies like as Univerexport, Primanova, Podunavlje, Virdžinija, Metalac Proleter  and many others are convinced of our quality, and have been with us from the very beginning, so today we cooperate with them so as many other cunsumers all over Serbia. We also export our cookies to Macedonia and Australia.

Steps toward the future

      “Joca” is planning new expansions in the future, which will mean new production, new kinds of cookies, and many new employments. The enterprise “Joca” is a sweet cookie empire, and it will continue in the following years, for it produces honey cakes, filled and tea cookies with love.

Preserving tradition


      One of the important facts is that the products manufactured in our company preserve  tradition by greatly resembling the ones made in our grandmas’ kitchens.

 There are domestic grancle or vocabulary words of our grandmothers – little vanilla cookies and honey cakes, the well-known old specialty when it  comes to pastries. Nowadays, when there are many imported products, we think that it is a great success to simultaneously preserve both tradition and quality, for the combination brings fantastic results on the market.

We are convinced, try it out yourselves!

Founders/Owners :

Stanojević Milena 

Stanojević Dejan